Vaccination Programs and Herd Health Consultation

We offer application of vaccinations and processing services. Both in clinic and on your ranch!

Pregnancy Confirmation

This is done via Ultrasound for Bovine and Equine, including transrectal palpation or ultrasound. Equine pregnancy can be detected by day 16 and also detect twins.

Breeding Soundness Exam

We provide a comprehensive Fertility Exam on your bulls. This includes evaluation for any musculoskeletal problems that might hinder the bulls ability to breed, evaluation of the testicles, extension of the penis and microscopic examination of the semen to evaluate sperm motility and shape.


We have a fully stocked pharmacy to give you immediate access to the best treatment options.

We also offer:

  • Complete Haul in facility with hydraulic chute
  • Equine Teeth Floating
  • Equine Coggins testing and health certificates